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Islam is the complete way of life, (Din), encompassing spiritual, as well as social, political, economic and all other aspects of human life. Early Muslims excelled in knowledge in all the fields. They not only translated the Greek, Indian and other sources of knowledge but made significant additions and transferred to Europe through Muslim Spain. The main reason of decline of Muslim civilization is their lack on interest in learning and scholarship. Muslims are  now found to be mostly illiterate and ignorant. They are backward despite possessing treasures of rich culture, history, energy and other natural resources in abundance. 

This book is aimed to highlight the importance, which Islam attaches to attainment of knowledge so that Muslims may endeavour to regain their place among community of nations. 


Chapter-1: Pursuit Of Knowledge
  • Physical and Spiritual Knowledge
  • Theological & Scientific Knowledge 
Chapter-2: Islamic Education System  
  • Muslim Contributions in Medicine, Science & Technology 
  • Famous Muslim Scientists and Scholars:
  • Contribution of Great Muslim Women Scholars:
  • Influence of Islamic Learning in Renaissance of Western Civilization:
Chapter:3: Great Tragedy - Decline Of Muslim Scholarship
  • Harmony between Qur’an & Science: 
  • Redressing  The Great Tragedy