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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), was the last prophet for the entire humanity born in the progeny of great Prophet and Patriarch Abraham  (peace be upon him) by the end of 6th century C.E in Makkah (Arabia). Volumes have been written on his life, achievements and legacy during last fourteen centuries. No human in the history of mankind has left lasting influence like him. He is highly revered by Muslims and many learned non Muslims alike. His well recorded life has been a role model; he preached what he practiced and was supremely successful in his mission to convey the divine message to the humanity. At the time of his death (632 C.E) whole Arabia was purged of paganism blooming to expand the message of Islam [Tawheed, monotheism] to the entire world.
It is not possible to describe a person like him having immense qualities and achievements, completely in a short book or article. An endeavour has been made to introduce The Last Prophet (peace be upon him) with a glimpse in his life through following four revealing articles.
1.   Coup D'oeil : By;Aftab Khan
2.   Unique Person: By; Sheikh Ali Al Tantawi
3.     Prophet of Peace: By; Waheed Dudin Khan
4.   Views of Non Muslims; By Dr. A. Zahoor and Dr. Z. Haq

It is hoped that this brief introduction will form the basis for further study of the life of greatest man of history.
As a token of respect Muslims recite supplications for the great Messenger (pbuh), whenever his name is read. The shortened 
صل عليه وسلم [peace be upon him, abbreviated as "pbuh"]. Drrod-e-Ibrahimi is recited frequently  and also in each prayer:

The Last Messenger for Humanity

محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم