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The concept of a Supreme Being, the Creator and Ruler of heaven and earth is part to human nature. He is commonly called God but all the beautiful names in any language, or by whichever name He is invoked, signifying the attributes of perfection belongs to Him, (He is always the One-for). Worship of God or gods is probably the most basic element of religion, which attempts to answer questions like: existence of God, creation of universe and humanity, human sufferings, evil, death and its aftermath. The main issue is about the existence of God and to prove it rationally. God is infinite, direct comprehension of His essence is beyond human senses. 

He can however be perceived through His ‘SIGNS’. The rational arguments for the existence of God are: Cosmological, Teleological, Ontological, Morality, Probability and through Religious Experience.  All those claiming to be the followers of Patriarch Abraham (peace be upon him) assert monotheism, but it is Islam which can lay claim as true legacy of Abraham, Tawheed. The complex doctrine of “Trinitarianism” (Trinity) called as ‘Trinitarian Monotheism” by Christianity; that; The Father (God), the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit are one is totally opposed to monotheism preached by Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him). The "Trinitarian Monotheism" has been rejected by several Christian denominations and Christian-based religions like  Arianism, Jehovah's Witnesses and by some adherents of Unitarianism. 

Opposite to Tawhid is Shirk (associating partners with God), polytheism is the source of idolatry. Shirk is considered synonymous with unbelief rejected by Islam. The Muslims strictly believe in Allah (one God), the Lord of the worlds and only worship Him without images.

The attributes of God like; The Creator, The Merciful, The Unique, and many more are absolute, mostly they are mentioned in Qur’an and Bible. Though God can not be seen visually, the existence of God can be experienced through His signs & works in cosmology and with in human creation, but they are not perceptible to the rebellious people because they have shut the doors of wisdom and faith. The effects of miracles granted to the previous messengers did not last long. Moses (peace be upon him) brought the Israelites from Egypt, performing miracles and wonders, but immediately thereafter the Israelites transgressed and indulged in worship of Calf. Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) performed many miracles but the Jews rejected him. Islam encourages reasoning, discussions and dialogue. 

Allah in His Divine wisdom provided Qur’an, the living sign (miracle) through Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which any one can read by himself, to discover that Qur’an; full of wisdom and guidance is nothing but the true word of Allah. Qur’an provides solutions to all the problems faced by humanity and answers to the basic questions like: existence of God, creation of universe and humanity, human sufferings, evil, death and its aftermath etc. The Qur’an contains many verses, referring to various subjects of science but they do not conflict with science, exhibiting its divine origin and existence of Creator. In his book ‘Islam, a Way of Life’, world's leading authority on orientalism and Middle East, Princeton Professor Philip K. Hitti writes; “The Koran is dictated (by Allah). Any quotation from the Koran can be introduced with ''saith Allah”. It is now for the mankind to make their own choice; weather to follow the distorted and corrupted ancient scriptures or the last message of divine guidance available in its pure form- The Qur’an!  Those  who reject these signs are doomed: “Evil as an example are people who reject Our signs and wrong their own souls.”(Qur’an;7:177). 

Books recommended for further reading:

The Creator: 
The idea of a Supreme Power who is the First Cause of all things, the Creator and Ruler of heaven and earth has always been part of human nature from the beginning. The belief on God was followed by His worship in different cultures. The relation of a group of human beings to God or the gods or to whatever they consider sacred or, in some cases, merely supernatural is known as religion. The beliefs supporting the existence of God or against it, including the middle positions have resulted in an array of doctrines, the most prominent among them are; Theism, Monotheism, Theodicy, Deism, Agnosticism and Atheism. The main issue which have remained the center of attention of believers of the God has been; How to prove the existence of God rationally? This has been dilated upon in this book. The Abrahamic religions e.g., Judaism, Christianity, and Islam attempt to satisfy human quest through the Revealed knowledge received by the prophets and messengers of God. While exploring the historic development in theosophical and scientific aspects about ‘The God’ and ‘The Creation’ specifically in the three religions linked to Abraham.  Islam emerges as true legacy of Abraham contrary to the common perception that it was a new religion founded by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This book is first of four in the series, the other being; The Creation, The Guidance and  Islam: The Legacy of Abraham.

The Creation: 
Man has always been inquisitive about the origin and creation of universe to which earth is just a small part. The whole cosmic system of matter and energy is called universe. Its main constituents are the galaxies, within which are stars and stellar groupings and nebulae. Earth’s Sun is one star among the billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. In this book the traditional narratives and myths of Creation, Scientific & theosophical theories have been explained, The Grand Design of creation include, Qur’anic and Biblical narrative of creation and their comparative analysis. Synthesis of Islamic & scientific narrative of creation is revealing. Other subjects include human creation; Origin of life, Theory of Evolution and Refutation by Christians; the Islamic perspective include in favor and opposing views, which may appear to be new to  some readers. Further corollary is my latest work “Universe, Science & God”.

The Guidance: 
It is said that human is a thinking, rational animal. He knows what is right and what is wrong, so does he/she need some additional source of Guidance? Some say ‘No’, while others say ‘Yes’ and still there are who say ‘I Don’t know’. The Book “Guidance” includes, natural guidance, miracles & signs; The brief on the messengers of God; from Adam – Noah – Abraham – Ishmael – Isaac – Jacob -Moses – David, Solomon - John The Baptist (peace be upon them all), Prophet Jesus Christ, The Son of Mary (peace be upon him) and The Last Messenger; Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Sacred Scriptures. i.e. The Bible and Qur’an have been briefly introduced. 

Islam: The Legacy of Abraham: 
Humanity has been blessed with the instincts and intellect to rationally identify and believe in the existence of a Supreme Creator and Sustainer through the signs within and all around. The man endeavors to live the life within the desired parameters to achieve His pleasure, the objective of his creation. This original religion was revived: Islam, in its unique spirit of monotheism, fourteen hundred years ago in concordance with the light of reason; exclusive of mysterious doctrines to cast a shade of sentimental ignorance round the original truths rooted in the human intellect, representing the latest development of the religious faculties. The Book “Islam: The Broader Perspective”; includes the Islam of Prophet Abraham, refutation of Prophet Jesus Christ by Jews, evolution of Christianity, revival of Legacy of Abraham (pbuh) by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Its doctrines, practices and the concept of Predestination has been debated. The other subjects include;  Jihad,  Shari’a , Priesthood, Human Rights and role of Islamic civilization in the development of humanity and the modern challenges. For details please download and read the book, click here >> Islam: Broader Perspective.

Universe Science & God:
“Soon shall We show them OUR SIGNS in the UNIVERSE and in their OWN SELVES, until it becomes clear to them that this QUR'AN IS INDEED THE TRUTH. Is it not enough that your Lord is a witness over everything?”(Qur’an;41:53); “We did not create heaven and earth and everything between them to no purpose. That is the opinion of those who disbelieve…” (Qur’an; 38: 27), “Verily in the heavens and the earth are Signs for those who believe. (Qur’an; 45:3). “To God belongs the Mystery of the heavens and the earth. And the Decision of the Hour (of Judgment) is as the twinkling of an eye, or even quicker: for God hath power over all things.” (Qur’an; 16:77). “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in God hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And God hears and knows all things.” (Qur’an; 2:255).

Science is beginning to see the entire universe as an interlinked network of energy and information. Our capacity for fulfillment can come only through faith and feelings. But our capacity for survival must come from reason and knowledge." The follower of 3 great monotheistic faiths believe that God created the universe and governs it as per His laid down rules. The atheists reject such a set of beliefs. In philosophy there are many rational, metaphysical, logical, empirical, or subjective arguments for the existence of God. Interestingly the conclusions reached by science recently were mentioned 1400 years ago in the last Testament; The Quran which provides theological, philosophical and scientific evidence of existence of God. To derive maximum benefit it is suggested that the book may be read with an open mind keeping aside the existing ideas.